The program

Levels: Master’s and Doctoral

Grade in the last CAPES Evaluation: 6/7

Degree conferred: Master / Doctor of Science

Area of Concentration: Plant Genetic Resources


  • Master’s degree: 12 to 24 months
  • Doctoral degree: 24 to 48 months


The Graduate Program in Plant Genetic Resources aims to prepare students capable of characterizing, conserving, managing, and improving domesticated and non-domesticated plant genetic resources, using appropriate technologies and methodologies.

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The program focuses primarily on problems of the Southern Hemisphere and emphasis is given to multidisciplinary and interinstitutional approaches, with their consequent social, economic and political repercussions. Thus, master’s and doctoral graduates are expected to be able to formulate hypotheses, as well as to plan and carry out high-level scientific and technological research, in an innovative, independent way, focused on the themes of Plant Genetic Resources.

The training of human resources aimed at the generation and/or adaptation of processes and products through the adequate management of available genetic resources is strategic to meet existing social demands.

Today, in Brazil and around the world, there is a growing demand for new technologies for the management of plant genetic resources. The limitations to the expansion of the agricultural frontier and the need to reconcile agricultural production with environmental conservation, coupled with an expectation of improving the quality of life, require greater efficiency of processes related to plant production, using appropriate or relevant technologies.