Lines of Research

Reproductive Biology and Gene Flow

Determination of reproductive systems, flowering morphology and phenology; supply of floral resources, dispersion and interaction with pollinator fauna, dynamics of allele movement.

Characterization, Collection and Conservation of Germplasm

Techniques for prospecting, collecting and conserving germplasm of native plant species and landraces, including the establishment of ex situ, in situ, in vitro and on-farm germplasm banks. Origin and progeny tests.

Ecology and Sustainable Plant Management

Ecological, demographic and inventory studies of natural populations. Measurement of environmental variables and plant performance of plants submitted to different management situations.

Developmental Physiology and Metabolism

Basic and applied studies of plant developmental physiology, with emphasis on study of in vivo and in vitro morphogenesis and factors affecting it.

Genetics and Plant Breeding

Analysis of variability and genetic structure organization; selection and breeding of elite genotypes using classic and biotechnological techniques. Breeding methods to capture and fix genetic gains.